American Idol

“I’ve always thought that each person invented himself… that we are each a figment of our own imagination. And some people have a greater ability to imagine than others.” – David Geffen

If a hero is one admired for his exploits, David Geffen is one of my American Heroes.

With a relentless desire to succeed and laser precise focus, Geffen influenced American popular culture.

His is an American success story.

DVR Alert American Masters: Inventing David Geffen, premieres nationally on Tuesday, November 20, 2012 on PBS (check local listings).

If you are interested in reading up on David Geffen, I recommend the following books:

The Operator, Tom King, Random House
The Rise and Rise of David Geffen, Stephen Singular, Birch Lane Press
Arts and Letters, Edmund White, Cleiss Press
The Men Who Would Be King, Nicole Laporte, HMH

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