New, poorer arrivals bring "bad behaviors," get a hostile reception from fellow African Americans

As the headline and accompanying article suggests, this is a potentially tough subject to raise in the mainstream, but it speaks to the pride (and predjudice) that motivates all of us.

So, let’s talk about home.

While home is defined as a place of residence or refuge, it is also used to refer to the georgaphical area that a person grew up in or feels they belong.

Home is personal…very personal.

The bottom line is two-fold:

No one wants to live next door to the “Shameless” family

(A very eccletic fictional family depicted on the Showtime series, “Shameless.”)

..and as the attached article points out,

“Blacks, like all Americans, want good schools and a safe community…”

It is part of the American dream…to have a home…one’s own safe and secure dwelling where they live and share with family. However, in reality, it is bigger than an individual. Community is a collection of individuals, interacting, sharing and affecting the lives of their neighbors.

Foreclosures helping change color of some suburbs – The Denver Post

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