Aunt Jemima, Boxing Paint and the Honor of Representation

As I typically (attempt to) do, I am reading a couple of books at the same time, specifically –

The Grace of Silence by Michelle Norris

Slave In A Box – The Strange Career of Aunt Jemima by M.M. Manring

The Grace of Silence is a fascinating personal examination and history of an American family, an African-American family.

While still in the process of reading The Grace of Silence, I’ve noted that Norris’ life experiences mirror many of my own. Our shared life experiences owe a great deal to our parents and the values they instilled at a very early age.

The most poignant of these values that resonates is the shared responsibility to not settle for or accept mediocrity in myself…or others.




Yes, but when one

The notion that I can lift up others through stellar work or stall their progress by falling short has been drummed into since childhood…whether the responsibility is an honor or a burden, I accept is as a fact of life.

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