"Teaching Little Brown Babies"

There was an article in The New York Times on Saturday that I just have to talk about and perhaps get your comments and impressions.

“To Court Blacks, Foes of Abortion Make Racial Case.”click here

I was intrigued, not by the highly personal and morally difficult pro-choice/pro-life debate, but by the suggestion that Blacks are like lemmings – in need of a savior to “guide” and “rescue” them from the perils of an evil world…and their own ignorance.

As described in the article,”the largely white staff” of the anti-abortion group in Georgia had a light bulb moment.

The “idea” was to link a fact

(disproportionately high number of Black women have abortions)

with a theory

(there is a decades old conspiracy to kill off Blacks)

so that African-American women will know “the truth.”

Brilliant marketing – Yes?

Just pit Black against White and and throw the fear of racial genocide into the mix.

Of course, the fact that these new “outreach” saviors (oops, I meant anti-abortion leaders) had a few abortions themselves is irrelevant to these sisters of mercy.

I smirked and thought of a line from the film, Murder On the Orient Express.

Responding to Inspector Poirot’s wily interrogation, the seemingly meek Swedish missionary, Greta (played by Ingrid Bergman, who won an Oscar), said with deep humility:

“I work in Africa…as missionary – teaching little brown babies more backward than myself.”

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