Bringing Up The Rear

I heard the muted giggles and snickering before the object of the public ridicule caught my attention.

Call me ‘old fashioned,’ “not hip” and, perhaps, “out of touch,” but there is something very wrong and not cute about inappropriate clothing behavior…especially among Black people.

Some might raise the bar and suggest that it is unacceptable, (or acceptable?) regardless of race.

That is neither my argument or the point I am making.

As Black people, we have a shared responsibility to lift one another up and encourage each other to always put the best foot forward or at least make the effort.

What one wears in the comfort of their home is an entirely separate matter.

Once outside, parts of the anatomy that are typically covered need to stay that way.

If you have a 36″ waist, those 32″ jeans are no longer appropriate because, simply put, they don’t fit.

While low hanging jeans project a fashion forward image when worn by an artist or a pro-“baller,” if you are neither, pull your pants up and put a belt on it.

First impressions count.

They matter.

This I know is to be true…especially as we all struggle for equality and the right to be treated with respect and dignity.

The next time you see someone that you love, care about and/or have a vested interest in – all young people – pay it forward.

Tell them the difference between self-expression and self-respect.

Tell them to put a belt on it, to cover up and tell them that you are doing it because you love them.

One thought on “Bringing Up The Rear

  1. Ms. B

    Good piece! I so wanted to tell this young girl a church on Sunday to cover her boobs in God’s house. He alredy knows what she has! Just so hard to tell folks they should not wear certain things 🙂


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