North Carolina

Gay marriage is not a real issue for the politicos, it’s a red herring.  It was used in the last two presidential elections (less so in the most recent because the race topic had more energy) to take the tiny American mind off of the real issues of economics and political power, about which neither candidate wishes to speak.  I wish every gay person would say, “hey, let’s talk about the economy, please, or the role of the U.S. in the world, or the dying environment.  I can survive another four years without a marriage cert., but I don’t think millions can survive another four years without a job.”  We buy into the stew stirring in a venue that can do us no good (what are we voting for?  none of the candidates can effect a change in the status of gay marriage; it’s state legislatures or supreme court or constitutional amendments) but can do us and the country great harm.  When will we learn?

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