Good Hair

On February 25, 2009 I sent an email that contained the following text to friends, clients and co-workers.

It also included the link below.

A co-worker recently asked me,
“What is with your obsession with hair, barber shops and beauty parlors?”

Obsession? No.
Fascination? Yes!

The answer is steeped in both African-American cultural and marketing identity.
Did any of you, outside of Carol Sagers, know that the Black-hair industry is a $9 billion business?

That is $9 billion with a “b!”

I recently had the opportunity to view a new (not-yet-released) documentary from Chris Rock called “Good Hair.”

This term is all too familiar to African-Americans and, in the hands of Rock, one can well imagine what he reveals on the subject…with both humor, informative insight and candid style.

From frank discussions about relaxer (“creamy crack”), the Bronner Brothers Hair Show and their “Hair Battle Royale,” weaves, jheri curls, wigs and finger waves, “Good Hair” explores the financial ramifications of an industry that is fueled by African-Americans.

I walked away from the film further convinced that, even in the midst of economic challenges, (and in some cases, hardship), African-Americans buy what they want…all marketers have to do is provide them with compelling reasons to select their brand and/or product.

On February 23 “Good Hair” was released on DVD.
…and the Black Hair care industry is still a $9 billion (and growing!!) business.


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