Just in time for Father’s Day…

“People have a core belief about black dads — whatever it is — and they’ll either hold onto that core belief of ‘Oh, my gosh, black guys are deadbeats’ and not listen to a word I’ll say,” he said. But there was another response. “The other people are the people who have their core belief shattered. This guy seems pretty cool, he’s black and loves his kids. What’s going on?”

I have often presented to clients the fact that there are more female heads of household in the African-American Community vs the General Population.

While this may be true, clients like Jim Thrower were always quick to remind me that this does not mean that African-American men are not involved in their families or involved in raising their kids.

The above quote is an excerpt from an NPR story, White House Urges Dads to Join Work-Life Balance Conversation.  Proof that stereotypes should never be confused with facts.

Click here to check it out and Happy Father’s Day.




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