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If you, your company or brand want to develop an authentic connection with African-American Consumers, start with African-American Women. 

To those who know my marketing philosophy, this will not come as a revelation…

According to a Neilsen Consumer Report+,

Black Women represent —

  • 54% of the adult Black population
  • and control 43% of the annual spending power for the Black population
  • 29% of Black Head of Households  (vs 20% for the overall population)

It holds true that understanding how, when, and where African-Americans shop and what drives their purchase and purchase intent is key to every successful marketing campaign.

All one has to do is start a relevant conversation with the consumer.

With that in mind, I am always intrigued to see how we local store marketing specifically targeting African-Americans has evolved.

While the example is specific to the hair and beauty category, I applaud the simple yet effective point of sale “kit” that supports Derek J’s “Weave & Wig Styler.”

The “kit” includes

  • Free-standing kiosk (with shelves to hold the product)
  • 2 sided door cling
  • Register Topper

Okay, so there is a “built in” based on Derek J’s popularity as a hair stylist on the Bravo show, “Real Housewives of Atlanta,” but isn’t that the point?

In this case, a general market hair care product has been “rebranded” with “messaging” that addresses the unique hair concerns for Black women.

And the beauty  – (no pun intended) – is that income level is not a barrier when it comes to specific purchases.

Hair is chief among these…

Let’s keep the conversation going and evolving.


+ Reslient, Recepetive and Relevant – The African Consumer 2013 Report, Copyright ©2013 The Neilsen Company




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